Memes refers to fandom We Know the Devil in-jokes, many of which have been acknowledged by creators Aevee Bee and Mia Schwartz. Most of these were spread around on twitter, and many have even gone to be (somewhat) officially declared as canon by Aevee, Mia, or both.

WKTD As Vines Edit

The twitter profile, WKTD as vines is a fan-made account that tweets vines and declares which character(s) they would best relate to. Mia Schwartz follows the account and has declared their posts to be canon.

Venus with a Gun Edit

The Venus with a Gun meme originates from a joke fan-OC called "Venus with a Gun," who is essentially just that. Her symbol is the Venus symbol but with an extra two sticks (to represent a gun). Her personality traits are described as "has gun," "very dangerous," and "never scared." Schwartz and Bee have both acknowledged the meme several times and make several references to it, including transforming Venus temporary tattoos into Venus with a gun ones.

We Know the Dril Edit

We Know the Dril (or Wint Know the Devil) is a @dril-style humor account that tweets regular dril tweets but alters them slightly to sound accurate to the We Know the Devil canon. This is another twitter account that his been approved as canon and followed by Mia Schwartz.